More than a store, MRJOIAS is a concept and lifestyle.
It’s the appreciation of design, the materials and the awareness of fashion.
MRJOIAS’ design can be defined as singular and special. It’s a design that follows trends, without becoming outdated. That is, follows trends without taking them to the extreme, remaining eternal.
Our customers are our tribe. They share our interest for fashion, are updated on global trends and like to be the first to have access to those trends. They like to be in the front row, and so, they are as well demanding customers that make us go at a faster pace.

1983 - Opens MRJOIAS at Parque Itália, Boavista

2013 - Opens

2015 - Opens DOWNTOWN BY MRJOIAS, Baixa do Porto


COMPANY: MRJOIAS de Maria Manuela Rodrigues Lda

NIF: 502 150 050

CAE (MAIN): 47770 - Jewelry Retail


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